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I’ve tried several e-store vendors over the years, and none compare to the simplicity and beauty of Big Cartel. I have no issues selling plenty of product, and managing my store is like clockwork. Big Cartel FTW.
— Cameron, Cameron Moll
Big Cartel allows me to easily stay on brand as I am able to customize the site design to my needs. The few times I had a question, customer service responded immediately and were always 100% helpful.
— Ashley, Pop + Shorty
Just wanted to say that Big Cartel has been incredible. At first I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to set the shop up. But it was so easy to set up and make my shop look great. I couldn’t be happier.
— Serge, Farofa Nation
What we love the best about Big Cartel is the simplicity of the interface. These guys have set out to create a powerful, yet extremely simple system that we immediately latched on to and decided on for our shopping cart solution. We heard about Big Cartel from a good friend, and started out with the basic plan. As we grew, we upgraded to the Diamond plan, which allows us to create a pretty extensive site. Thank you to you guys for stepping up to the plate with the perfect solution for small businesses like ours.
— Elisabeth & Luke, Elisajewels
Yes, an amazing interface that is easy to use. I wish all software was this nice.
— Jeff, Ugmonk
I can spend my time making art and not worrying about the web stuff which can be SO time consuming to a one man operation like mine. I really can’t thank you guys enough!
— Rich, Lucky Bunny
I was referred to Big Cartel by another Big Cartel user and I am so happy! Setting up my store and adding products is so easy!
— ElzWorld, ElzWorld
I just have to tell you that I think you guys ROCK!!!!!!! I have been torturing myself with [Brand X] for the past 6 months. In one night, I had my store open and running with Big Cartel. For a small fry like me, you must have the best service around. Your product is easy, elegant, logical and a perfect fit. I have cut my expenses by 75% and have more functionality where I need it. I also have none of the problems of fantom HTML issues that plagued me with [Brand X].
— Monica, My Twinkle Mat
Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I have been with the ease of setup of my store as well as the smooth way that transactions work from both sides - both on the selling and buying ends of the sale. I have had great compliments on the store and the way it works.
— Amy, FormFire Glassworks
Just wanted to say I’m finding Big Cartel absolutely AWESOME. I’ve been trying to use [Brand X] for the last 6 months and it was a complete nightmare. Changed to you guys last week and WOW, what a breath of fresh air!
— Rosie, Rosie Robinson
Finally we have an online store and all thanks to Big Cartel which has achieving the dream much easier than ever imagined.
— Natalie, Rouge Store
I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here. In a short time I had my shop up and running and my new business cards are being printed as we speak. I’m in control of my own destiny with your help.
— Sherry, Sherry Truitt Studios
I’ve been looking for a service like this to do everything DIY and so far it seems amazing, I had a store set up in 10 minutes flat.
— Rob, Rob Dobi
Big Cartel rocks! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a service like this! It’s so well designed I almost cried. Seriously.
— Ben, Cheap Lullaby
Big Cartel made life a lot easier for us. With the money we saved by getting Big Cartel we had enough money left over to buy a box of Big Stick Popsicles and that made us extra happy. Big Cartel for president!
— Bori, Modern Mischief
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