Store from Scratch

We wanted to document the process of building and running a brand on Big Cartel.
So we built our own.

Go behind the scenes

Follow along as we design, create, and sell our first line of products.

  1. Sfs_designing_products

    Designing products

    A peek into our design process and tips for a clean, press-ready file.

  2. Sfs_making_products

    Making products

    We document our production while working closely with local vendors.

  3. Sfs_shooting_products

    Shooting products

    A look into our photo shoot and a couple tips to help you with yours.

  4. Sfs_building_a_store

    Building a store

    We take you from sketch to code and give tips on custom shop building.

  5. Sfs_promotion


    We offer help on how to get your shop noticed and turn fans into customers.

  6. Sfs_shipping


    Our tribute to the last and most rewarding part of the journey.

Your own store from scratch

We documented our process, then asked you to show us how you work.
The winners below showcase the most unique and inspiring submissions from our contest.

  1. Sfs_theswarm

    The Swarm

    Vibrate at a higher level

    shop the Swarm
  2. Sfs_pnw

    The Great PNW

    Upper left USA

    shop the Great PNW
  3. Sfs_adamjk


    Someday my prints will come

    shop the internet giftshop
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